Adult & Senior Eye Exams: Your Key to Lifetime Performing Vision

eye exams

From our earliest years, our eyes continue to grow and change. Even the healthiest people experience a hardening and yellowing of their eyes’ lenses, beginning when they are teens. And if you or your loved ones have any family history of vision or eye health issues, a state-of-the-art, comprehensive annual eye exam from Northside Vision is more important than ever. Perfectly normal changes like presbyopia or cataracts will eventually affect your vision.

Other times, the eyes can change unexpectedly; sustaining damage and losing vision so slowly, you may not even notice it. With regular eye exams, the friendly experts at Northside Vision will use advanced testing methods to evaluate your vision as well as your ocular health and help you understand exactly what we find and how best to treat any anomalies. With years of experience, advanced ongoing training, and cutting-edge technology, Dr. Fairborn is dedicated to helping you detect, monitor and treat your eye health issues, no matter what stage of life you’re enjoying.

Our philosophy is simple: At Northside Vision we want to be your partner in helping you enjoy a lifetime performing vision. Our objective is to help our patients outlive their eyesight whenever possible. So Dr. Fairborn works hard to use the latest clinical techniques and state-of-the-art technology to monitor your eyes and visual system for even the slightest changes; we work hard to detect serious eye diseases long before you may notice any vision loss. All you need to do is make sure you come in for your regularly scheduled exams, to give us a better chance of getting ahead of disease and keeping you seeing your best.

For those needing vision correction, our Custom Optical offers a range of specialized fits and Dr. Fairborn will work with our expert optical staff to find the best corrective lens value for your needs. If you need contact lenses or a surgical referral, you can rest assured we will help you find the optimum solution for these needs too. Schedule your visit now.