Preparing For Your Visit Making the Most of Your Time

We appreciate that your time is precious, so we help you make the most of your visit with these time-saving on-line options. Not only can you relax while completing your pre-visit evaluation, but you can also increase the accuracy and efficiency of your in-office time.

Please bring to your exam:

  • Completed Forms We strongly encourage you to use your patient portal to complete or update your information prior to your visit. Once you have an appointment scheduled, we will send you an email with directions for accessing your patient portal to complete your forms online.

    If for some reason you prefer not to use the online portal, there are other way to complete your forms. We can email or text the forms to you. If you choose to receive form by email or text, please print and complete the forms prior to your exam. Please remember to bring the completed paper forms to your appointment.​

  • Medical Insurance Card & Vision Plan Card Be sure to bring your insurance cards so we will be able to bill your insurance. As a free service to you, we will help you learn what benefits may be available to you.

  • Eyeglasses Please bring ALL pairs of eyeglasses you regularly use, including prescription or over-the-counter reading glasses, sunglasses, etc.

  • Contact Lenses – It is best NOT to wear your current contacts to your appointment. Please bring them in a case and any carton or lens packets you have that indicate the lens series, power, and manufacturer.

  • List of Medications & Eye Drops If you have not provided a full-list of medications in the patient portal or in your completed forms, then please bring a written list of any medications or eye drops you use.


The doctor may need to use drops to dilate your eyes in order to fully evaluate your eye health. This has the effect of temporarily increasing sensitivity to light and causing “fuzzy” vision at a near (reading) distance. You may need a driver or ride plan.

Consider browsing our custom-curated optical selection from the comfort of your home (you can even use our Virtual Try-On feature!).

Sometimes, having an Optomap retinal scan can take the place of pupil dilation. Ask our receptionist for details.